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Regulatory Strategy

Regulatory Pathway and Submission Strategy

Why may you need a “regulatory pathway or strategy”? When you consider whether or not you should market your product to China, or before you want to start preparing submission to CFDA, you may have many questions and want to be answered ahead to ensure your business success, such questions as how much does it cost for pre-market approval? What is the potential risk and how to mitigate the risks? How is the market intelligence of your product sector? What business modes (through local distributor, representative office, joint-venture, or WFOE) can best fit with your commercial purpose? Should you establish a local manufacturing facility in China? Is your product eligible for fast-approval pathway and how?

“Regulatory Pathway and Strategy” is one of our unique service strengthens. With decades of industry experiences, broad knowledge and multiple connections, we are very capable through case study to do an in-depth analysis on your real scenarios and reach your particular purpose, and provide you with strategic report to answer all of your questions you may have.

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